Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A special shout-out to the elderly women who are completely and utterly oblivious to comments made..........explanation:

I have been told a couple of times recently that it looks like I am having a boy because apparently I am gaining my weight in my rear and thighs. Yes, you read this correctly. Some older ladies have come up to me (some of which I do not even know) and told me that very comment. Astonishing. Isn't that what every woman wants to hear? Let's put aside the fact that I am pregnant and should be gaining weight and am already a little self-conscious due to this recent influx of extra weight; now I am being told by others that it is obvious that it is going where it should not go?? Brutal. And, add on top of that the seed of doubt which was planted in my head as far as the gender of my unborn child. So, being a nurse in a hospital, I enjoy taking advantage of the resources available to me...namely the ultrasound machines and techs. Yesterday I went and had a quick look to make sure we were still having a girl. And, we are indeed. So, she is still a girl despite the careful and apparently ever watchful eye of elderly women.

Let us all (women mainly) pray this prayer:
Dear Lord,
I pray that I remember these days and that I remember these days when I, too, am an elderly woman. Please do not let me be the elderly woman who speaks my mind without any filter whatsoever. Should I encounter a woman who does seem to have gained weight in areas that women aren't proud of, please let me not feel the need to say something about it. In fact, may I never notice weight fluctuation again.