Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We went for our check-up today, and it went very well. Our doctor stuck the doppler right on the spot where Avery's heartbeat could be heard. Avery cooperated and did not move around. We listened to it for a full minute without any decelerations!! Woo hoo!! I did get in a little trouble because apparently I have LOST two pounds since my check-up last week. I have absolutely no idea how this happened. Apparently the top ten diet rules that everyone should be following are as follows:
#1: eat Zaxby's (the fried, not grilled) at least four times in one week
#2: when Arby's says "4 for $5," eat all 4 yourself
#3: eat a small Oreo Blizzard at least three times a week
#4: drink one and a half gallons of milk per week
#5: Grapico should be your carbonated beverage of choice
#6: eat at least two oven pizzas per week
#7: never leave room for dessert but never say no to dessert
#8: eat an entire bag of chocolate Valentine's candy in 3 days
#9: eat 3 bowls of cereal every night before bed as a snack, not a meal
#10: water is gross, so drink something that has a flavor
**as Southern Living says, name brands were used for study purposes only and are not perceived better than the competitor**
Also, my mom, grandmother, and two great-aunts came into town today for a little visit. They brought the bassinet that I used when I was a baby, and Matt and I have set it up. It's hard to believe that she will be laying in the bassinet in a little over two months!
Matt and I also took the plunge and bought a carseat this week. After being made to feel guilty that I did not have one yet (unintentional, I am sure), we bought one, and it should be arriving in the next week or so.
Thank you, as always, for all your prayers and words of encouragement!