Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our First Day at Home

Here are some pictures of Avery during her first full day at home.

This one is for Matt---he has always thought that he possessed extra talent in his toes and that he was part monkey because of this "toe talent." He now thinks that this much desirable trait is genetic as Avery is able to hold onto things with her little toes. Example: here she is holding on to Matt's finger with her tiny toes:

BATH TIME! Since it was our first day at home, it was also our first time to bathe Avery (by the way...why don't they let you practice this in the hospital??). It went well. She doesn't like being stripped down for a diaper change, so we were worried about being completely naked for the bath. She was a trooper, though. Didn't much care for it, but she LOVED having her head/hair scrubbed---almost fell asleep. Here is a before-the-bath/trauma picture:

And, here is an after-the-bath/trauma picture (so adorable in her little hooded towel!):

Daddy and Avery napping together on the couch:

This is Avery watching the 2009 NFL Draft. It was a little boring as they would film the selected player before the announcement was made. Oh, and the Titans had picks number 30 and 62....interesting choices Bud Adams....
Her Daddy picked out her outfit and dressed her today. So preppy and dainty.

This is little Avery doing what she does best---sleeping and napping. She is such a great baby! I know it is too early to tell if this is how she is going to be for the long-run, but it is a great start. She only wakes up once each night for a late night feeding. The "normal" night routine (well, at least for the past 5 days...her entire little life) is a feeding around 11pm, she wakes up around 3am to feed, and then we get up between 7:30am and 8:15am for the morning feeding. Amazing. She is our wonderful little blessing!