Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Avery's First Vacation

We took a family vacation over Memorial Day (this was my anniversary and Mother's Day present). We drove over to Callaway Gardens and had a great time. Despite a lot of rain, we still managed to spend some time outdoors between storms. Below are some pictures from our travels (I must warn you, there are a lot....and not as many as I had wanted to post!). Oh, Avery had a photo session (with a real photographer) for her Two Weeks Old pictures, and the proofs are available online if you'd like to take a look:
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Knierim 2009 – 2 weeks
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This is Avery before we left....traveling outfit, complete with shoes that we received as a shower gift.
Fun in the Room Shots:
Little one on a king-sized bed. Matt has a picture on his camera from when she fell over...pretty funny. It will be posted.
Where does a little one sleep? In her bouncy seat, of course. She did great! There was a one hour time change, and that was very easy to adjust to, obviously. The first night was great...she only woke up one time to eat! The next night was back to normal with waking up twice to eat. I knew it was too good to be true!
Bath in a sink. It's trickier than it may seem.
What do you do when you're on vacation and it is storming and everything closes at 7pm? Watch the NBA play-offs. Avery's ready for bed and catching up on the latest NBA saga.
Nonprofessional Photo Shots:
Avery has times throughout the day that she is very alert and tries to focus on objects (like the black camera in front of her face). I decided to take advantage of this and have a little photo session. If you are a professional photographer or have a really good camera, please skip over these next few pictures!
Look at those eyes. I know that I am partial, but aren't they breath-taking?
A little artsy with the black and white and looking over the shoulder.
And this is what happens when she decides that she is done with the picture taking. Hilarious.
Out and About in the Park Shots:
Here is Avery at the altar in the chapel nestled in the woods. It is so pretty!
This is Avery trying to catch the bullfrogs that were calling.
Here is how we (meaning Matt) transported Avery around the park BEFORE we saw that there were handicap-accessible paths. Break-out the stroller!
She seems to like riding in her stroller. It puts her to sleep, but at this point, we assume that means that she likes it.

Avery by the waterfall just outside of the little chapel. So peaceful.

Avery on the walking trails with some flowers. Judging by the look on her face, I think she's having a good time.

This is Avery out to eat. We ate out for all our meals, except for breakfast. This is what she did at every single restaurant.

That's all the pictures for now! We are so happy to be home. It is a little stressful being on vacation with a little one because you constantly think about all the things that you might need and might not have. When we got home, Matt was feeding her, and something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He went to go investigate, and there was a lizard in our house! It was jumping around on our furniture! How gross is that??? Another gross story is that Avery apparently only likes to make stinky diapers at home. That's great because it doesn't mess up her carseat, but when you've been away for three days, it gets a little messy.