Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Day

Today I took Avery to Target all by myself. We had originally planned on going yesterday, but yesterday morning was full of storms and yesterday afternoon consisted of a very off-schedule baby who was extremely unhappy (not quite sure why....possibly constipation, poor thing). Today was much different. We had a good morning, got dressed, and went to Target.
She is wearing a dress that was handmade for ME when I was a baby (by family friend, Clara Carroll). I'm not sure why she wouldn't move her hands from her face, but I took multiple pictures and all have her hands in her face.
And here she is in the Target cart. I couldn't figure out how to get the seat to snap into the cart, and I had been warned that it is a little tricky, so she got to ride in the buggy part. This made shopping a little more difficult, but it made me really think about purchases. Because she was so good, she got two presents:
1. a new dress (it was $4) and
2. a swimsuit for next year (for only $6, so go get one while they last!!)