Friday, May 22, 2009

One Month Old

Avery turned one month old yesterday. Wow. I know it's cliche, but time really does fly by! Some friends of ours take a picture of their children with the same stuffed animal every month to show how much they've grown. We thought that was a great idea, so here is a picture of Avery with her little lamb. I tried to take some artsy picture, but she wasn't in the mood.

Here are some pictures of Avery being awake and alert...

Fans can be so mesmerizing!

Again, trying to laugh and smile on purpose. Just not quite sure how to do it yet. This is the funny face that we get when we tickle her.

We also went to the orthopedic surgeon today to reevaluate the harness and her hips. She had another ultrasound and physical examination. I am pleased and relieved to say....

NO MORE HARNESS!!! We gave the harness to the doctor's office to give to another little baby who needed a little help. Our insurance (which is really good) did not cover the harness. (Soapbox of the Knierim household...why do we pay for insurance and pay copays and still not have things covered???)

My legs are FREE!!

Little Avery taking her first nap without her harness.