Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 Months Old!

Avery turned 13 weeks old today. She is officially 3 months old today as well. So hard to believe. We had a photo session this morning with our photographer. When the proofs are ready, I will post a link. We have been taking a picture with the same stuffed animal every time, and this time, Avery made the little lamb look small (the lamb has been the same size as her in prior pictures). We went on a walk today with some friends, Aby and Parker. Even though it was hot, it was not as hot as it has been. Thank goodness for cooler weather (while it lasts)! Avery is napping right now. When she wakes up, I'll weigh her and do another posting. She has been a good little sleeper here recently. She pretty much sleeps through the night. She takes quick naps in the morning and evening and long nap in the afternoon. Sometimes she will sleep 2-3 hours during her afternoon nap. Her morning and evening naps are about 45mins-1hr. No complaining here!!
Good morning!!
Taking her morning nap.

Sweet little shoes that Beth Gregory so graciously gave to Avery. They are so precious. And, they finally fit!