Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lazy Saturday

We have had a good end to the week! Yesterday (Friday) we went to follow up with Avery's orthopedic surgeon, and she said that her hips looked great and were growing and healing properly. Avery had to get two xrays so that we could tell what her little joints looked like, and she looked so small laying on the xray table. We don't have to go back and see that doctor again until November 13!! This is very exciting news!

Today (Saturday) was when Titan's tickets went on sale online to the public. We were online ready to strike while the iron was hot. I think we did pretty good! It was fun to sit around the computer together as a family, constantly hitting the refresh button, and then smelling sweet victory when we were able to snag some tickets to the Colts game, the Cardinals game, and the Chargers game.

Today was also our Costco shopping day. On the way to Costco, we stopped at a little restaurant called The Depot in Helena. It is very quaint. It's in the old train depot on the river. We sat out on the back porch, listened to the water coming over the dam, and enjoyed an unseasonably cool breeze while we ate. We both decided that we would like to live on the coast at some point. That would be nice.

Today marked a big day in Avery's wardrobe. She is finally big enough to start wearing some of the stuff that I had monogrammed for her. I LOVE this onesie---so cute! I think she likes it, too.
This is Avery while we were buying Titan's tickets online. She was sitting in her seat, minding her own business, playing with her toys, when a big black dog named Jackson decided to give her a kiss right on her little head. As you can see, he "fixed" her hair for her. It was pretty funny.
A little bit closer of the "Jackson Hair-Do."