Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Jenn! (and 18 Weeks)

Then she thought it would be more fun to eat the paper....
Avery is 18 weeks old today. She is starting some new tricks...one that she just started this morning. I went upstairs to grab the camera to take the pictures above, and when I got back down, this is what I found. She was originally placed in the center of the mat under the mirror.
Going, going, going....
...Gone!! She rolled over from back to front. I feel like this is early for this trick, but maybe not. Either way, I am not quite ready to have such a potentially mobile child who knows how to roll in all directions.

Also this week we received the proofs from her 3 month photo shoot. The information to view them is below.


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Knierim 2009 – 3 months

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