Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Girl!

Avery has gotten very good at entertaining herself. Here is what she does while Mommy gets ready. She loves her little sensory balls!! She can hold them all by herself, and when they start to slip, she uses her legs to keep them up. So funny! Oh, and we are trying out things on her head so she will get used to having something on her head....we're going on a trip to the beach (sun hat) and Halloween is coming up soon (her costume has a hat/hood part....see picture at the top of the Blog).

We went to WalMart today. Avery has been sitting in the carts and highchairs since Labor Day. We took pictures of her first "big girl" experience on Matt's Blackberry but have yet to figure out how to get those pictures off of his phone and on to our computer. Anywho, we went to WalMart, and she fell asleep sitting up. She started to topple over, so the diaper bag became her pillow. She slept through the entire WalMart experience.

The little dress/outfit that she is wearing is a hand-me-down from cousin Isabel. It's a 6 month, and it fits perfectly. She is growing up so fast!!