Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Knierim family took our first "major" vacation this past week. We have gone up to Nashville to visit family on long weekends, and we went to Callaway Gardens over Memorial Day weekend, but this was by far the longest (both length of vacation and distance from home). We went to Kiawah Island, South Carolina for an entire week. This was our first time to the Charleston area, and we really enjoyed ourselves. This was actually my (and Avery's...haha) first time on the East coast. For those of you who may be accustomed to the Gulf, the beach is very different. Here's a picture of our beach.....
The sand is dark, the tides are pretty extreme, and there is quite of bit of sea-life that washes up on shore.

I experienced my first rainbow where I could literally see each end touch the ground....and it was a double rainbow!!

This is the house that we stayed in. It was amazing! It backed up to the golf course and was one "block" from the beach. Great location and great amenities! We were definitely spoiled.

This was the view of the golf course from one of the back porches and our bedroom.

And now for the pictures of Avery and the family.
Here is what she did on the way there....8 hour car ride. She did so well. She would entertain herself, go to sleep, wake up, entertain herself, etc. She got fussy twice and needed to be fed. She also had a lovely blow-out. RIP cute beach outfit....may you rest in peace in the trashcan outside of Zaxby's in Augusta.

Here is her fist day on the beach. She played in the Bumbo seat quite a bit of the time.

More playing.

She was not too fond of the ocean.

Again, the ocean was not her favorite toy.
But afterward, she was ok. Hopefully no life-long mental handicaps because of her traumatic experience.

Oh, and did I mention that she cut her first tooth?? It may be hard to see....especially if you are looking for the traditional position of the first tooth. She has cut a MOLAR first!! Are you kidding me??? It is on the bottom right (left side of the screen). It looks like a bright white spec near her lip. It's hard to capture because it's a MOLAR. How strange is that? Notice how many fingers it takes to get even a glimpse of it...haha.

She is also really close to sitting by herself and crawling. She wants to crawl so badly!

Out to eat at Charleston Crab House. Does anyone watch the house flipping shows? Did you watch the ones that were in SC with Landmark? Well, the head honcho of Landmark was eating there that night. Matt and I watch those shows, so that was pretty cool to us.

Family shot #1

Family shot #2

See the post below for a video taken during the vacation.