Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fun with the Mesh Feeder

We were given these Mesh Feeder things as a gift. You can buy one for yourself at Target or here. I must warn you: if you have a weak stomach, these are not for you. In fact, if you have a weak stomach, you might not want to read this posting. Avery has been sick recently and in an effort to stick with a bland diet, I gave her a banana in the Mesh Feeder. Keep in mind that this child has never cared for bananas; she ate an entire banana yesterday. She got lots of the banana all over herself, hence no clothes. We were also trying to eat some Puffs (anything to get some sustenance), and those stick really well on banana slob. Here are some still shots of Avery with her banana. The posting below this one is the video of the after effect.

Please notice the disgusting slob going down my child's chest:
She seemed to have a good time though.
Such a horrific mess.
See the Puff stuck to her chest?
And now all is well in the bath.