Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We ended up spending the weekend in Nashville with family and friends. Little Avery was a duck for Halloween. She did not mind the costume at all. Actually, I think that she liked it!

I really like this picture because it shows how fat the costume was. She was a little ball of fur (I know, weird for a duck to be made of fur) and so warm. The head piece was almost too small, so we waited a little while to snap it.

She has started liking to play during bath time. She has some new little ducks from Nana that she really likes.
She also thinks it's fun to eat the washcloth and suck all the water out of it. Yuck!
She also likes to put her foot in her mouth while in the bath which makes her go under, but she doesn't seem to mind. I'm afraid she's going to be a dare devil like her father.
She also really likes to watch the puppies play. They both love her so much. Maggie is still a puppy and won't sit still long enough for a picture, but Jackson seems to be aging and loves the opportunity for a photo opp with Avery.