Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Papa!

The weekend started off with an Alabama win over LSU....ROLL TIDE!! We are in between sizes with our Alabama gear, so we had to improvise. Our plain tights were in the wash, so we wore our Christmas tree tights. They were really cute....thanks, Gigi!
Happy Birthday, Papa! We celebrated Papa's birthday today.
At church, Avery fell asleep while sitting up. She started to fall over, so Matt is literally holding her head up (while pretending to be asleep). It was pretty funny.
Avery is the best birthday present ever!

Watching Papa open his gift from her....Alabama gear, of course!
Photo op with Daddy. Can you tell it's Fall outside??
This is a new smirk thing she's doing...looks just like her father.
Sweet baby girl trying to get Papa's attention. I'm pretty sure it worked.