Monday, March 22, 2010

11 Months Old

Our little girl turned 11 months old on Sunday. It is so hard to believe that she will be one year old next month. We cannot remember life without this sweet little angel. She is such a blessing in our lives, and we can't get enough of her!

She's been teething for forever it seems. She's now got top teeth and bottom teeth, and she likes to grind them together. It drives me crazy and sounds awful, so we have bent the rules on the paci for a little while. I would much rather her use her paci than hear that awful sound!
And a photo without the paci...
She's still a small little thing! I doubt we will be given the green light to turn her carseat around at her 12 month check up. I think she has to be 12 months AND 20 pounds, and I think we're somewhere around 18 pounds.
She is so verbal now. I was worried for a little bit because she didn't seem to care about communicating. Now, when she's awake, it's non stop! It is such a sweet noise! She will try to repeat anything you ask her to say. Sometimes it sounds exactly like what you want her to say, and other times it's just the first syllable. She can repeat Mama, Dada, bye bye, Maggie, puppy, night night, Nana, Papa, Gigi, baby, bite, eat, and kitty exactly like it sounds. Pretty much everything else is only the first syllable or however she wants to say it. Example: "Milo" (Nana's cat) comes out "Mike" which is pretty hilarious. She really only has one word that she says without being prompted, and that is "more." She has just now learned to stick out her tongue.
She is not a picky eater....yet. I'm afraid she's doomed to be a picky eater, but right now, she eats anything that I give her. Her favorite foods right now are vegetables. Our pediatrician gave us some advice that we are trying to stick to which is, "Give her God's food and not man's food. If God made it to her, let her have as much as she wants. If man made it, don't give her much if any." He said that was the key to not having a picky eater. On a side note, I really appreciate that our pediatrician recognizing God in the little things such as the statement above.
She's finally in 12 month pjs and most clothing items. She's moved up to size 3 diapers. Like I said above, she's just a little thing.
On a social note, she doesn't have separation anxiety yet. She likes being in the church nursery and playing with her friends and teachers. She likes going to the store and talking to anything and everything. She's extremely pleasant and easy going.
She sleeps 11-12 hours every night. She takes 2 naps each day; about 2 hours each.
We purchased our last container of formula!! Woo hoo! Hopefully we'll get the green light for starting milk at the 12 month appointment. She loves yogurt and doesn't seem to have a problem with it, so I am assuming we'll be good with milk.
She is standing on her own, and can take about 2 steps on her own. She is quite content to cruise, push her walking toys, and crawl or climb to wherever it is that she's going (and so are we!).
She got a new stroller the other day. It's smaller than her big infant stroller but a little bigger than just an umbrella stroller. She looks so big in it. She's now a small child and not a little bity baby. She loves to be outside. She loves the playground and park and loves to swing and go down the slide. She is quite content to be in her stroller or sitting on the porch. She'll just sit and watch everything (and talk to it).
I guess that's her in a nutshell right now. We're extremely blessed. She's a wonderful daughter, and we could not have asked for anything better!