Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Birthday Party

We had Avery's first birthday party on a Sunday afternoon at the park(which was amazing planning because the Saturday had severe thunderstorms all day long!). The weather was nice, but it was extremely windy. When we arrived (with enough time to set up and decorate), another family had taken over our reserved pavilion and was having its own party. We explained to them that we had it reserved and that we needed it to set up and decorate. By the time the family loaded up and left, we only had 20ish minutes to set up and decorate, so obviously it wasn't like I had envisioned it, but it was still her first birthday party nonetheless. She had an Elmo theme with more red stuff and a little Elmo. We arranged the picnic tables to form a "play area" in the middle with a tunnel, pool filled with balls, and push/ride toys.

This is Avery with Kendal, Mallory, and Cambrie.

She did a lot of this...flower picking/eating/blowing. She had recently learned that you can blow the white dandelions, so she applies that knowledge to all flowers. If you look at her little mouth, you can see that she is indeed blowing the clover flower.
This was one of the back "big kid" tables where they could color on the butcher paper or play with PlayDough.
Still can't believe my little girl is one!!
Not sure what to think about the sticky icing on her hand.
I think she likes it!