Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thirteen Months Old!

Avery turned 13 months old on Friday. She's getting so big! She has come a long way in the past month or so. She's so expressive with both her words and facial expressions. She even alters the tone and volume of her voice. There's no denying what she's trying to say now! She has many, many words and understands more than she lets on. She can point to many of her body parts and knows the possessive of "Avery's" or "Mommy's" or "Daddy's" or "puppy's" She's walking more and more. She walked across our dining room and half way across the living room the other day. She's walking on her own instinct because we sure are not encouraging it :) She's a climber now! She likes to crawl/climb into chairs or on the sofa. She likes to move objects out of her way or simply climb over them. She's a dare-devils with no fears yet. She eats anything and far not a picky eater. She's almost officially down to one nap each day, but that means that she sleeps longer (and later) at night. She tries to mimic any word that you ask her to say, but she's still a little shy in public. If you start counting, she'll chime in with number 2; and if you sing the ABCs, she chimes in with the melody of the song. She's pretty good at following commands now such as "put in," "take out," "sit down," "give," etc. We have such a good time with our little girl, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for her!