Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trip to Atlanta

I went to Atlanta for a conference last weekend. The conference was only for half a day, so Matt and Avery tagged along. We stayed at a hotel in the Dunwoody area of Atlanta the night before the conference and then went to the Georgia Aquarium once the conference was over.

Avery LOVED the mirrored doors in the hotel. She couldn't get enough of the "BABY!!!" that she kept spying.
At the aquarium...
In the tunnel with the moving sidewalk (we couldn't use the moving sidewalk because we had a stroller)
Lots of fish....or just "ish" in Avery language
The neatest part of the aquarium....the beluga whales!
If you are heading to the Georgia Aquarium soon, do NOT pay extra to see Planet Shark...there are no sharks in the Planet Shark exhibit. We were highly disappointed. Matt wrote "have sharks" on the comment cards at the end of the exhibit.