Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Ready

While I was getting ready for church one Sunday, Avery became extremely interested in exactly what I was doing. So, I made her a little "makeup" bag to play with while I got ready. She got her own powder brush, compact, mirror, and EMPTY bottles. She loves it, and it keeps her quite entertained while I get ready. She loves using the brush, and she likes putting things in the bag and taking them back out of the bag. We're working on zippers, and she's almost got the hang of it and can zip up the bag after she's put in all of her goodies.
I'm telling you, this camera face is a huge hit for her....and so attractive :)

This is her "I think I'm big stuff and I'm not going to smile because that wouldn't be cool" face. She literally sucks her lips in to keep from smiling. If you see this face when you don't expect it, be afraid; be very afraid! She's a little sneaky these days.