Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hair Styles

On July 2, we went to the zoo. We had a great time despite the crazy heat. This is Avery's typical hair style these days. Bangs pulled over to the side with a bow clip. Most of the time this bow does not stay in very long. Her hair is getting more and more out of control, and with the heat setting in, she needs some way of keeping her hair out of her face. So, we got a little creative this weekend (PS....I'm not quite ready to give her a haircut; plus, I want her bangs to grow out).
Oh, and this is her rhino along for the ride. He was a gift from the zoo when we got our membership. She likes to make him look at the animals, too.
On July 3, our little town celebrated with a party at the park complete with fireworks show. Avery was very festive. She even tried a new hair style....pigtails! Well, sort of. One of them stuck straight up, and the other one poked straight out. No doubt the "stickiness" was caused by the ponytail holders that were a little too big. It was so cute though! She thought she was big stuff, too!

Another view of the pigtails.
So, because the pigtails looked a little ridiculous, I decided that we would try just one side-pony today...complete with ponytail holder. Success! Also, very cute! Please excuse the dirty mouth.
A little later after Mommy figured out how to keep all of those bangs out of her face. Doesn't she look so old? I believe we've found our new hair style for a while.

We are going to a bigger fireworks show downtown tonight. Hopefully it will go like last night. We took our fold-out camping chairs (Avery has a miniature one...adorable) and set up in a neighborhood behind the park where the show was happening. It was the perfect set up with not near the amount of traffic had we gone to the actual park. The fireworks show started a little after 9:30, so we were past bedtime. At the beginning, they probably shot off 10 or so as a little teaser, and then they National Anthem was played (fireworks shot off during "rockets' red glare" and "bombs bursting in air"). Avery had no problem with the first little part or during the Anthem. BUT, when the real show started immediately following the conclusion of the Anthem, she was not happy anymore. My non-cuddler wanted in my lab and cuddled with me most of the show. Toward the end, I talked her into sitting in her chair, and she sat in her chair and was completed blinking or noises. One big success from the night is that Avery now knows all about stars. We had a bit of time to kill in the pitch black night while waiting on the show to begin, and she noticed all of the stars in the sky. If you ask her, "where are the stars," she'll look straight up and point and say, "sars."