Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Purchase for the GIRLS!

Since the day that we found out we were expecting another little miracle, and we started talking about "what if it's another girl," I have been selfishly thinking about dressing them alike. They will only be 22-23 months apart, so many clothing stores offer the same little outfits in a very small size and a very big size. Yesterday Avery and I went to some new outlet shops that had just opened. She really likes shopping and riding in her stroller, and it was a beautiful day, so we loaded up and headed over. I am proud to say that my only purchase was from one store! Because of it being so packed with eager shoppers, I had to look very quickly and pick out something that I thought Matt would like also (you'd never know it, but he is very particular about what Avery wears). In the picture you will see a Big Sister and Little Sister matching combo and a set of matching dresses! I consider this a success! On a side note, compared to the shopping extravaganza that occurred when we found out that Avery was going to be a girl, poor baby #2 will have to settle for hand-me-downs. This is the first purchase for Baby#2!!