Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

You didn't think that we'd go to the pumpkin patch twice and not make it home with a pumpkin for my oldest child, did you? Matt picked out the perfect carving pumpkin, and promptly got to work on it as soon as we got home. Avery thought it was first. She did not care for the pumpkin "guts."

Here's a picture of her playing with the "pumpkin hat" before she realized that the pumpkin guts were near.
She decided that she would contently play with her little pumpkin trio and check on Daddy every now and then.
This was basically as close as she would get to the pumpkin while the carving was in progress.
Daddy's accomplishment:
His proud moment as he shows off "Death Skull."
It is actually extremely detailed and very neat looking with the candle glowing inside. By far the spookiest Halloween decoration on our front porch!