Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We remembered to wear our Valentine's Day red to church yesterday....we totally forgot about anything red or pink for today, actual Valentine's Day. Oh well!

Avery has gotten very good at posing for cameras. Here she is before church yesterday in the kitchen, posing against the wall. She says "cheese" and "take a picture" and then follows that with "see the baby" meaning that she wants to see the digital image of herself.
Looking out the window in the living room at the beautiful day. We've been waiting for this weather for a while now. Avery LOVES being outside, and while she doesn't seem to mind the bitter coldness that we've had recently, I can only stand it for so long!
After church, while lunch was cooking, she played in the backyard or "Avery's woods" as she calls it.
I love this little profile picture with her serious face.
She loves climbing, and what else would she do on a Sunday afternoon in her church clothes but climb around on the tree stumps?