Friday, September 16, 2011

Around Here

Let's start with Avery. I have realized that I have been posting more about Ansley lately, and there is a good reason for that. One, Ansley is smaller and changes daily. Two, Ansley is much more photogenic these doesn't run from the camera. And three, Avery is in a PHASE right now...whoa my. So ready for this phase to be over!! So sweet and caring one minute, and the next minute, I want to put her out on the curb in the garbage can. She also hates getting her picture taken recently. We went to the zoo today, and of approximately 50 pictures that I took of Avery, here is the ONE that she's looking at the camera with somewhat of a smile.
It's started getting cooler (meaning not 100 degrees any longer...some days it's in the 70s even!), so I have gotten out the cooler weather clothes tubs. One small issue....nothing of Avery's for the winter months is going to fit Ansley! Below is Ansley wearing an outfit that Avery wore last summer and fall at age 18 months, and Ansley is wearing it at 6 months! So glad it's consignment sale season because we are in need of some winter clothes that fit!

She thinks she's so funny when she puts her lips together and breathes heavy from her nose...we think it's quite funny, too, but mainly because of the face she makes....

Hilarious, right???