Tuesday, January 10, 2012

McWane Science Center

We received money to go toward a membership to the McWane Science Center for Christmas for the girls. We went today to check it out and sign up for our membership.  It was Matt's last day before he starts back for the spring semester, so he got to come, too.  The girls really enjoyed it.  Even though there aren't any pictures of Ansley, she really enjoyed herself as evidenced by the two hour nap that she took afterward.

Avery thought most of the exhibits and hands-on things were really cool.  Here she is with Matt making really big bubbles.  This was really fun.  They even have a place for you to stand and get inside of a bubble!
 This was a floor that lit up and you could play a game on it.  We never quite figured out what you were supposed to do, but Avery couldn't have cared less.  She thought it was so fun!
 And the Touch Tank...a big hit for everyone!  They had rays and mini-hammerheads to pet.  Avery squealed with delight every time one passed that she was able to touch.  A few times, I thought that she was going to jump in the tank herself.
 There was a water table to play with, too.  She spent a lot of time here.  These kind of things really test my patience as a parent watching other kids and their parents interact.  Avery doesn't go to preschool yet, and Ansley is just now getting old enough to take things from her, so she's not quite sure what to do when kids take things from her.  When it happens, she stands completely still and looks at me with these puppy dog eyes and her face reads "why would he/she do that?" Of course the other parents don't do anything about it...thus my patience issue.  I'm not sure what, if anything, I'm supposed to do about it.  I mean, I know what I do if Avery takes something, but what do I do when my child is constantly the one having things taken from her??  Ok, enough of my soapbox...moving on...
 This was a place where Avery could squirt here daddy with the water guns...again, a big hit!
Thanks, Papa, for helping us enjoy McWane for the next year to come!  We had a blast!