Monday, April 30, 2012

Ansley Turns ONE!!

Ansley turned one year old on March!  She is so grown up and has such a little personality.  She is, for the most part, sweet and content, but she has a little temper/drama streak in her.  She is very smart, almost too smart.  She is very good at walking/running and climbing.  She has mastered the stairs, both going up and coming down.  She is a fairly good eater, but not quite as good as her sister.  She still only has 2 teeth (bottom, center).  She's got a tad bit of a milk allergy (which we just figured out...sorry, kiddo!), so we're working on that right now.  For her one year check up, we were all surprised to find out that she was actually SMALLER than Avery at this same point.  Her weight was 18 pounds 8 ounces, and her height was 28 inches...that's 1.5 pounds and 1 inch smaller than Avery; hard to believe!

We had a small family party for Ansley to celebrate her birthday.  She loved all the attention!
 Loved her little expression here...
 First birthday cupcake!
Can I really eat this??
 Messy face!