Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trip to Hilton Head

This summer's trip was spent over on the east coast in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  We went at the beginning of August, and the 9+ hour trip was well worth it!  We spent the week with my parents, Gigi and Skip, and my brother and his girlfriend.  It was a great week as far as weather goes...perfect, actually.  We spent most of the day by the pool, but we had to go to the actual beach at least once each day.  The actual beach is a bit of uncertainty in our relationship with Avery and Ansley's last trip occurred when she was 5 months old, so we weren't sure how she'd react.
Highlights of our trip include riding around in a golf cart or riding bikes to get anywhere (including Matt and I being very adventuresome and going to the grocery store on bikes!), seeing all of the deer every night on the golf course including the teeny newborns (aka: "deer hunting" as the girls called this activity), wonderful food, time with family, a big homemade breakfast our last morning all together, a developing love for the series of Air Buddies by the girls (please, help us!!), playing golf on an RTJ ocean course not in Alabama, and the laid-back lifestyle of a primarily retirement community!
Here's Ansley taking off toward the beach on our first day.  We walked over the boardwalk, and as soon as she saw sand and the water, she literally took off running and did not stop until she was knee-deep in the water.
Here's Avery...very timid and tip-toeing into the sand, taking her time.  You may notice Matt up ahead of her, still with bag in tote and shirt on because he had to run after Ansley and had no time to set anything down.
 This is probably the best picture of the girls from the entire week.  We took this one night when we went to dinner and explored an area of Hilton Head called Sea Pines.  They had this great playground set up near the shopping centers/restaurants, and it was a great way for the girls to blow off some steam.
We have many, many pictures from the trip, but the blog website is being ridiculously slow, and I grew impatient waiting for all of them to upload :)