Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas Village 2008

Today (well, this entire weekend) was the infamous Christmas Village here in Birmingham. It is an awful place to go when you're expecting.....and don't know if you're having a boy or a girl. So, my day was filled with trying to find the cutest gender-neutral outfits possible. I only found a couple of things that I really liked, but I got the business cards of many places so I could contact them when we know what we will be blessed with. Below are some of the purchases made....

We have embraced the fact that we live in Alabama...sort of. This is a little piggybank in honor of the school where Matt and I attended graduate school. Turns out there aren't many Samford spirit items....weird. This is also where he/she can save up for her/his college tuition...haha.

Some good ole houndstooth just in time for football year. Hopefully it will be just as easy to be an Alabama fan next year as it is this year. ROLL TIDE!

Such a cute little Christmas outfit. The green striped fabric is the same on the pants as in the tree. There is brown gingham for the trunk. Oh, it is so precious in person.

Just in case you needed a close-up of the detail and the sweetness. Just precious.

Other items were bought today, but they were bought by my mother-in-law as birthday or Christmas presents, so I don't get them yet. It was a glorious day full of too many people in narrow aisle-ways pushing and shoving and complaining----just the thing to get us all in the Christmas spirit! I would say it was productive and fun, but you can ask my comrades in the mission (Vickie, Jacqueline, and Shauna McVay) for a second opinion, if you'd like.