Friday, November 14, 2008

Boy or Girl?

As we hit the 15 week mark, it is getting closer and closer to the time when we can find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I have gone back and forth between what I think that I am having, and have never felt 100% about either. I am very much swayed by what other people tell me, afterall---I know nothing about pregnancy!! Early on I thought that I was having a girl, but now I have shifted to thinking that it will be a boy.

So, here are the clues for both a boy and a girl:

First of all, the heart rate. The book says any heart rate over 140 tends to be a girl (lower heart rates tend to be boys). Our heart rates have been 156 and then 162.

The first wedding ring/pencil test that was performed on me (with my wedding ring) went round and round in a circle, meaning a girl.

The Chinese conception calendar says girl.

Last night, I had another dangle-an-object-over-my-wrist test (with a pencil), and it said boy---very strongly boy.

And, according to the experts (ladies of the Sunday school class), my symptoms of pregnancy say boy.

Who knows?? We go to the doctor next Wednesday for our next appointment, and unless something has changed, I will get another ultrasound. You better believe that I am going to be squinting to see if I can see anything that will help sway my opinion one way or the other.

On a different note, Matt has been very crafty and handy as of late (not that he isn't usually). He put together the first official piece of furniture for the baby's room. It took a while because it literally came in about 50 small pieces, and every little piece is held together with at least 4 screws. I am actually impressed at the craftsmanship of it and the sturdiness. I have found that storage in a baby's room is all about creativity and making use of every little nook and cranny. As you can see, this is exactly what we have done with this piece of furniture. It fits PERFECTLY between the hallway door and the closet door. It is white with silver knobs and feet and a glass door on the top part.