Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update from the MD

We had our monthly doctor's appointment today. All went well. We heard the doppler of the baby's heartbeat, but we did not get a number rate. It was fast, though. Matt and I estimated that it was beating about 2.5 times per second which equals about 150....of course, that is OUR estimate.
More good news: the doctor did not think that I necessitated an ultrasound today. Although I am disappointed about not seeing our baby, I am so happy that all is going well enough to be able to be somewhat of a "normal" patient.
I have gained 2 pounds---she told me that she wants me to gain 33 more. Even though I am pregnant, as a woman, that is so hard to swallow.
During my pre-pregnancy days, my blood pressure was on the higher side of normal, and that was a concern of my doctor should I ever become pregnant. However, now that I am pregnant, my blood pressure has been great! It was 108/66 today! Woo hoo!!
At today's appointment we did our genetic screening tests, so we should be getting the results of that in the next couple of weeks. Our next appointment is in 3 weeks, and that is our "Anatomy Ultrasound" appointment---the one that everyone waits for!
We are so thrilled and blessed by our upcoming bundle of joy! God is so great and compassionate. His steadfast faithfulness brings tears to my eyes.