Sunday, November 2, 2008

God is Good

After years of being told that I would not be able to become pregnant very easily if at all, an interesting event has taken place. At the end of July, I finished up a round of blood work to test hormone levels again. The results were the same as before...not enough for ovulation, and therefore not enough to conceive a child. Matt and I assumed this would be the same testing outcome as before, and we were right. We thought about adoption, but quickly hit a road-block when most of the agencies started looking at applications when the applicants were 30 years old or had thousands and thousands of dollars just laying around. We are neither of those descriptions. We prayed, and we decided that parenthood would have to wait for a while. At the beginning of September, I had what I thought was a cold or sinus infection. Many people at work had the same symptoms, so I had decided that that is what was the matter with me. There was one difference---my co-workers were calling in for this illness, and I did not really feel THAT bad. And, (the upcoming sentence refers to nursing "lingo" and may be found gross by some) everyone else definitely had an infection whereas my snot was still clear---no infection. I attended a class and was catching up with some old friends, and one of my friends told me that congestion was her first sign that she was pregnant and advised me to take a pregnancy test. I laughed and filled her in as to why this could not be what was going on with me. On the way home from the class I stopped at the drug store and bought a pregnancy test---after all, I would not want to be pregnant and not know it, right? I took the test later that night, went downstairs to do some laundry, and when I eventually remembered that there was something waiting on me, I went upstairs and saw this...

Needless to say, I had no idea what to do. I was happy but scared, excited but reserved, and there was no way that I was telling Matt. I picked up the test and threw it in my dirty clothes hamper knowing he would not be doing laundry anytime soon. The next day I went to the drug store again and bought the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth positive pregnancy test. That was when I decided it was safe to tell Matt.