Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Age of Viability!

When I was in Nursing school, the age of viability (meaning the age when a baby could survive outside of the womb) was 24 weeks. So, ever since I found out that I was pregnant, 24 weeks has been a milestone in my mind. Of course the age of viability is closer to 21 weeks now, but 24 has been my goal. Well, I am excited to say that last weekend, Avery hit the 24 week mark! Woo hoo!!

We went to the doctor at UAB's OB Complication Clinic today for our fetal echo. The ultrasound lady did another full anatomy scan (which was fine with us!), and she also confirmed that we are having a little girl. It was fun to see how much she has changed since our last ultrasound. She went through her entire little body and gave us a picture of almost everything! When she went back to her face for the last time she switched it over to the 4-D ultrasound. Many of you may know that I was not planning on getting a 4-D ultrasound; in fact, I did not want one. Frankly, the babies look scary to me. Oh well. We got one. I have posted some of the pictures from the appointment today below, including one of the 4-Ds. I was a little reluctant to post the 4-D because it is still a little scary to me---especially at 24 weeks when they are just skin and bones...literally. Her weight by ultrasound is 1 pound 6 ounces---we won't discuss what my weight has grown to. Overall our appointment went well, despite our arrival time of 10:30 and not being called back until 11:45---gotta love that, right? The doctor said she looked very healthy and that her heart looked "fabulous." We are so thankful that our little girl is doing so well! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Here is one of her sweet little feet. I can't wait to kiss all over them!

This is her looking at us---you can see her nose, nostrils, and lips and her hands and arms tucked up under her chin. So lady-like and dainty.

And here's creepy. I guess what makes these so creepy is their little eyes. The eyelids are closed, and it is picking up bone density, so all you see are eye sockets. Yes, she opened her mouth for all of the 4-D pictures. She would not put her hands down the entire time---she kept rubbing her face like she was sleepy and that we were disturbing her!