Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Construction

We have put together Avery's crib!!! In reality, Matt did it, but I was able to hand him the screws. I have put some of her bedding in/on the bed, and it looks great. The colors are a little muted, so the pictures did not turn out the way that it looks in person. My favorite accent color right now is the color of the bright blue mattress that has no sheets or bedspread! Take a little look...

Her crib by the newest addition to her room---the blue accent color!

A little close-up of the crib.

Looking inside her crib...brown and white gingham bumper with pink blanket on the back and brown and white polka dot blanket on the front. There's a white sheet with pink polka dots and a cream sheet with brown and pink polka dots. And of course, her little bear lovey.

Her monogram over her crib on pink and green stripes with brown paint and brown with white polka dot ribbon.