Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Every Two Weeks

I went to the doctor again today for a follow-up visit from last week as well as my glucose tolerance test which tests for gestational diabetes. My blood work from last week came back normal, so there is no reason I should have this itching rash. I was again reminded that it will probably last until Avery decides to come into the world, which by her due date is a little over 13 weeks. So, only 13 more weeks of not being able to sleep because of itching and scratching! I guess I am being prepared for what's to come!

The glucose tolerance test was not as bad as I thought it would be. I arrived at 8am without eating any breakfast. I went straight back and was given a small bottle of orange (the flavor that I chose) liquid that basically tasted like a flat orange soda. I gulped it down, waited an hour, and had my blood drawn. I ran a couple of errands after that, came home, and around 10:30 my body reminded me that I had not really eaten anything all day. I felt like I was about to pass out---thank goodness I was at home! I was relieved that eating something made the weird feeling go away. My self-diagnosis and prediction is that I do not have gestational diabetes.

At the end of my appointment, the doctor said, "Ok, I'll see you back in two weeks." So, I have officially moved from seeing the doctor every four weeks to now seeing her every two weeks for the next 3 appointments or so, and then I will move to every week around 32-34 weeks.

Avery is moving around so much, and it is a wonderful feeling to actually feel her on a regular basis. She is such a little miracle!