Saturday, January 31, 2009

Itching and Scratching

This pregnancy has been so easy! I am so blessed! I was never sick, have not had any cravings, and I think that my mood swings are few and far between. HOWEVER, a new symptom has snuck up....we think. I went to the doctor this week (not one of our scheduled visits) because I have had a rash and been itching literally all over my body for a couple of weeks now. It won't go away. It is not contagious, and Benadryl does nothing to help. I had some blood drawn at the doctor to see if it is a variety of "pregnancy rashes" that can develop, most of which are termed "benign." I go back to the doctor on Tuesday to see about my blood work and have more blood work done as it is time to do the glucose screening for gestational diabetes. Needless to say, I would like to know what is going on with my body and be able to fix it! It is miserable to constantly itch all over. Poor Matt---I keep him up at night because I can't fall asleep because I am itching and scratching. Please keep him in your prayers as he tries to deal with this as well! As I said before, what a blessing this entire pregnancy has been! This is our first major road-block, and we both pray that it is over quickly and does not last the rest of the pregnancy (let's see...I'm 26 weeks, so that means there are 14 weeks left!). As always, thank you for your prayers and love! Oh, and sorry there aren't any pictures---I'll get creative and put some up shortly!