Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just an Update

Only 6 more weeks!! We went to the doctor again this past week. She has officially dropped in position (still transverse or sideways), and her heartrate has started to slow down (a normal finding in close-to-term babies). It was 148 this time instead of the high 150's like it has been. The books all say that she weighs close to 5 pounds and is 19 inches long---so crazy to think about that being inside of me!! We have put some finishing touches on her nursery, and I have put pictures of that below. I also went shopping this weekend and found a couple of cute things, which I have also put pictures of below.
This is her bookshelf and changing table area as you walk in her room.
This is above her crib.
This is a close up of her curtains---pink and brown paisley with pink and brown polka dot trim and brown sheers underneath.
Matt's newest favorite pair of bloomers.

This picture is for you, mom. This is the BRAND NEW, never worn Feltman's Brothers dress that I got at a consignment shop in Vestavia for $19.99. The original price tags and the tissue paper were still on/in the dress. It is pale pink with antique-looking lace trim. I love it.