Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Storm 2009 (Part Two)

As you can tell by these pictures, Maggie enjoyed playing in the snow much more than Jackson. Maggie takes after Matt, and Jackson takes after me. I like the snow (not enough to move anywhere though), but I like LOOKING at the snow. I am fine playing in it once, but more than that is too much work. Matt would stay outside all day long if he could. Jackson did not seem impressed while Maggie couldn't keep her face out of it...literally. Next year will be more fun when we actually have a CHILD to take pictures of in the snow, but for now, this is our life:

Jackson and Maggie on the deck, looking out over the back yard.

Maggie eating and playing with the snow.

Maggie with snow all over her face.

This was supposed to be a picture of Maggie trying to bite the flakes as they fell---so cute! She was so confused when she "missed" the snowflake and then would try to find it after it fell to the ground. Where did it go? Oh, and why do dogs have object permanence? They are too smart for their own good at times.

This is the birdhouse that I made at church camp two years ago. It has been outside and endured the elements quite nicely...including a blizzard (this is a blizzard to Birmingham---just watch the news!).