Friday, March 6, 2009

New Due Date ???

We went to the doctor today for another check-up. My rash is still here in full force, but so far the only bad thing to come of it is me being miserable and itching all the time. Avery's heart was strong and loud. Today we did a new thing at the doctor. Now that I'm 31 weeks, we can feel her and tell how she is laying. That part of the exam was not as good of news, but it is new nonetheless. From what we can tell, we are a combination between breech and transverse. Her head is at the upper right side of me, and her bottom is at the lower left side of me. The doctor said that there is still a little bit of time for her to flip, but most likely, this is the way she will stay for now. I asked about the labor plans (being the planner that I am), and she said that she would induce me at 39 weeks---if she is still in this position, she will obviously be a C-section. However, if this rash does not clear up or if it gets worse, we might go even sooner (after another round of steroids, of course, to ensure that her lungs are developed). So this little baby of mine that was supposed to come in May may make an appearance in April!! That is NEXT month! It is crazy how soon this could all be happening. For those interested in the positioning of Avery, I have posted some medical pictures showing her positioning.
Avery is the picture to the left---complete breech---mixed with a little of this picture below because she really is laying at a diagonal.