Friday, April 10, 2009

36 Weeks

I have to admit: I wasn't quite sure that we would make it to this point. When I started my pregnancy, I had in my mind my own milestones that I hoped to accomplish, and 36 weeks completes my list of milestones.
We went to the doctor again today (second time this week) for a follow-up. I am happy to say that nothing had changed since Tuesday except that my blood pressure is lower and the swelling has gone down considerably (not completely though). Still 1cm and 50%. I have also managed to lose two pounds since Tuesday---completely water weight from my ankles, I assure you! We go back to the doctor again next Wednesday, and until then, the bedrest continues since it seems to be working so well. Thank you for all your prayers and gifts! They have meant so much to us and have surely made this time less trying for all! Below is a picture of a 36-week baby girl....goodness gracious---it is possible to get any larger???