Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Holiday

Fun Fact #1: Easter was our last holiday to celebrate as just husband and wife....

Fun Fact #2: I am finding it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to remain on bedrest. I feel the need to get everything purchased and cleaned and put away before she gets here. I don't want anything to have to be done around the house once she is here. So, today Matt and I went to Costco. I scrubbed the oven/stove---it looks brand new! We have groomed the dogs. And, I have Matt doing things on a list that I lovingly made for him (including buying hanging plants for the porch, hanging our new house numbers, sanding the deck/porch, replacing sink faucets, etc). He is thrilled. This brings me to a list that I have made for myself:
Top Ten Ways to KNOW That You Are Nesting:
1. You vacuum out the refrigerator
2. You scrub each tiny part of a stove/oven
3. You stock each bathroom with at least 4 extra rolls of TP
4. You rearrange perfectly efficient laundry room shelves
5. You fold and refold baby blankets
6. You groom two dogs, including nail care (no paid professionals here!)
7. You stock the bathroom shelves with a years worth of toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, etc
8. You are suddenly bothered by the fact that the garage is not as organized as it could be
9. You buy multiple plants knowing that you don't have a green thumb and that they will be dead in less than a week
10. You refuse to follow doctor's orders of bedrest because you cannot comprehend how you are supposed to get everything done when there are only 24 hours in each day

Fun Fact #3: We have an appointment on Wednesday. I am thinking that we will have a concrete plan as far as a date when we go on Wednesday. She has been very clear that she does not want me going into labor, and the contractions, while not painful yet, have been waking me up at night. I think it's one thing to notice them throughout the day, but to be woken up by them throughout the night seems different to me. Who knows.

Fun Fact #4: Below are some pictures of how my belly has grown over the past months. Be prepared to be amazed!!