Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And the Insanity Begins....

Ok, where to start....

First, last weekend was great! We had our first baby shower, and we received so many thoughtful and kind gifts! We truly are blessed beyond all measure! My family was able to come down and enjoy this experience with me which made it so much more special. I also got my hair cut and got a pedicure---such luxury!

I went to work on Monday as usual. My feet and ankles were so swollen--more than the norm these days. I followed the doctor's orders and was taking my blood pressure three times each day. The morning reading was a little high for me but still within normal limits, so I did not report it. The lunch time reading was definitely high, so I called the doctor's office. I spoke with a nurse that is not familiar with me or my doctor (my doctor was in surgery all day that day), so she said it was probably ok and that she would leave a note for my doctor. At about 4pm, I received a phone call at work from my doctor's office. It was the same nurse, and she said, "The doctor would like you to go to Labor and Delivery right away for evaluation." Holy cow. Five hundred million things went through my mind all at once. I called Matt, told everyone at work, and reported off on my patients and headed over to L/D. When I got there, they put me in a real room in case I was going to spend the night. I had all the usual lab work done and was hooked up to monitors. I received an ultrasound (she has the chubbiest little cheeks!! and, she already weighs over 6 pounds!). She is very much breech---in sitting position, actually. All of my lab work came back within normal limits, and my blood pressures were very erratic. Because I had a doctor's appointment the next morning in the office, they decided it would be ok for me to go home for the night, but not without a souvenir---another orange jug to perform an "at home" test for 24 hours.

So, Tuesday morning Matt and I went to the doctor. My blood pressure was still high, the swelling was still there (although not as bad as on Monday), and I had gained 2 pounds in one week. My doctor felt confident with the diagnosis of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. She also said that she expects it to develop into Preeclampsia but the question now is "when?" I had my first official "check," and she said, "oh my--you are already dilated." This is strange to me because, like I said above, she is in sitting position. There is no head pressing on anything. But, nonetheless, I am 1cm and 50%. She then told us that she does NOT want me going into labor. So, with all of this, I am now going to the doctor twice per week. I go again on Friday for a recheck of today's findings. We'll see what happens then---maybe a baby??

Oh---about the title of this blog entry....because of all of this fun stuff going on, I was put on bedrest. Well, actually, modified bedrest. She said that I could get up to make a sandwich. Haha---really??? This is going to KILL me! I have been working ever since I turned the legal age, and I have always held more than one job. While I enjoy a day off here and there, sitting still and not being able to do what I want is not my cup of tea. I guess the upside to this is that I might actually get some school work done! Poor Matt---please say a little prayer for him!

Below are some pictures of some of the sweet gifts that we received at our shower. We are ready for Avery to make her appearance!

This is her wreath that I started working on. I guess I'll be able to finish it now :)

Her Christening Gown (or dedication gown for us Protestants)

Her crib. The only thing missing is the bedskirt, and it is on its way. The doll in the left corner was made by the Joyful Stitchers at church---so sweet!

This is her storage ottoman and hamper. I am still deciding on a chair for her room. We might not have much time left or even time to get one, so I stuck the desk chair in there for now.

And this is her bouncy seat, carseat and base, and stroller. They make lovely display pieces in the dining room!