Friday, April 17, 2009

Full Term

We are officially full term (37 weeks)!! And, we will have our little girl in less than 13 days---we can't wait!! We went to the doctor today, and everything looks good. No protein in the urine, blood pressure is great, however, she is still breech, so the C-Section is still scheduled. We go back next Tuesday for our next to last office visit. It is so strange how quickly this all has flown by, and now that we are near the end, it is seeming to creep. But, I am sure it will be here before we know it.
I still have a little bit more homework to finish up before the semester is over, but that is all on track. I have started on her Thank-You Notes, but they will not be mailed out until after she has arrived. I have started a new book, "Secrets From The Baby Whisperer." I have finished the decorations for the Women's Event at church (with the help from my loving husband). I have started planning a charity garage sale and silent auction to be held at our house when Avery is a mere two weeks old. Obviously, I have NOT been obeying the bedrest orders as closely as I probably should, but today at the office, she said, "Keep doing whatever it is that you are doing because it's working." I just smiled at Matt.