Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today was Avery's first day to stay in the nursery at church! She has officially been added to the Baby Roll. Her Nana just happened to sign up to work in the nursery today :) I was a little nervous about her staying in the nursery, especially the "pink room" because of family history with that room, but she did just fine. Her Nana even thinks that she likes it in that room!

She is officially in her bed. Yes, we chose the one with the Paddington Bear mobile.

Having some awake time at church. Apparently she loved Paddington Bear.

Today was also Avery's first day to "play" with her play mat (or activity mat...whichever you prefer). She has been getting a little fussy during awake time, so we thought that we would give her something to play with to see if that would help. She loved it! She will lay on the play mat and give it 100% for about 15 minutes before she's through. It is so fun to watch because she smiles and laughs (actually just screams really loud, but it's a happy scream) at the animals.

"Wow! Look at all of my new friends!"

"Ahhhh!" (this is during one of her happy screams)

"I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself!"

"I'm mesmerized by these things!"