Monday, June 1, 2009

More Comparisons

Here are some more comparison pictures. This is Avery in the same gown laying on the Boppy. Two were taken in the hospital and two were taken yesterday (almost 6 weeks later). The ones taken yesterday are not happy ones....we had just gotten out of the bath, and bath time is her favorite time of the day. When I put this little gown on her last night, I was so sad because it actually fits now and is almost too short! It was so big on my little baby in the hospital! At almost 6 weeks old, she has grown so much!

In the hospital:

Last night:
Doesn't she look so pitiful?

Here are some pictures of Avery in the bath. The first ones were taken during her second bath (a little over two weeks old), and the others were taken last night (almost 6 weeks old). Besides the obvious size difference, one big difference that Matt and I are very happy about is that she likes her bath now! No more screaming....until it is time to get out.
Two weeks old:
Last night: