Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, we did the impossible. We went to church today! This was our first time to church (and really out in public for something other than a doctor's appointment). Avery wore a sweet little blue smocked dress that was handmade for her by a lady at church....she was beautiful! She slept through the 8 o'clock service and then through Sunday School. So, she did wonderful! When we got home, we decided to take some pictures, but I had already changed her out of her church clothes and put her in play clothes.

This is her grumple-face...being outside with the sunshine can be so hard!

Little Avery with Mommy on Mother's Day
Daddy giving Avery a kiss on Mother's Day.

Our anniversary is next week, so I received my Mother's Day/anniversary present---we are going on vacation! We haven't been on a real vacation since our honeymoon, so I think it's about time. It's not a long vacation, and most people wouldn't think it's fancy, but it is perfect for us. We can't wait!

These are some sweet pictures from this weekend.

Look how big in her swing already!

Taking a nap with Daddy on the couch. Loves of my life.