Friday, June 19, 2009

Trip to Nashville

Matt was at church camp this week in a small town close to Nashville, so Avery and I packed up and headed north to stay with my parents for the week (they live in Nashville). She did great on the way up---she cried for about 5 minutes when we were about 20 minutes away from my parent's house and then went back to sleep. When we got there, I fed her and my dad unloaded the car. When he said that he had unloaded everything, I told him that there should be a large orange beach bag. He went back outside to check the car and came back empty-handed. It was not there; it was at home in Avery's room. The big orange beach bag was all of Avery stuff and my flat iron for my hair. Luckily, Matt did not leave until the next day to head up for church camp. I was able to go see him at camp and get the bag from him, so we were only 2 days without the bag. On the way home, I only forgot a couple of things, but nothing as big as Avery's entire bag! She did very well on the way home---did not cry at all. She would wake up for a little while and look around and then go back to sleep. Hopefully we have a good traveler on our hands!

While we were in Nashville, we visited with family and friends, many of which had never met Avery. It was a fun trip for all of us! Another "big" thing that happened while we were in Nashville is that Avery started smiling...a lot! She did (and does) the most smiling after her morning feeding. She's starting to coo as well. I love it! Of course I took many, many pictures. Enjoy!

Pleasant face...the beginnings of a smile
So happy!
She loves looking at windows, ceiling know, all of the expensive toys that we bought her :)
Asleep holding on to her lovey. So precious.
Good morning!
A little smile
In this one she is cooing very loudly while smiling
Funny smile
Getting ready for a nap at Mimi's (her great-grandmother)