Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lightning Strikes, Thunder Rolls

Today was an interesting day. I was upstairs on the computer a little after lunch (while Avery was taking her long afternoon nap) when all of a sudden there was the loudest noise I have ever heard. I have no idea how to describe it...it was frightening, deafening, and painful all at the same time. It was thunder combined with some other strange noise. Then, as soon as that noise was over, our smoke detectors started blaring. The power started blinking. The dogs started freaking out which made me extremely nervous. Then I could hear that it was pouring rain outside. I went down stairs to look at the weather, but we had no signal (which is weird because our satellite is actually extremely reliable). I then assumed that our dish had been struck by lightning. Unsure as to what all "getting struck by lightning" meant, I called Matt at work. While on the phone with him, I was walking around looking out the windows because the weather was being strange. I went through the kitchen and looked out the back window, and I saw it. The tallest pine tree in our yard, at least 40-50 feet, looked like it had been blown up. There were two places on the tree where there was no bark and very little wood. The tree was actually splintered. Thank God it did not fall (no, no, we get to PAY someone to come make that happen) on the house!! Oh, and in case you are wondering...Avery slept through the entire ordeal...not a peep. Below are some pictures of our fun afternoon...

This picture is to try and capture the scale of this enormous tree.
Here is the first (meaning closest to the bottom of the trunk) series of splintering. It's probably a good 20 feet up.
Some more splintering

All the pieces of wood and bark that was thrown.

There are pieces of wood literally all over the backyard....in all of the corners.