Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nashville Vacation

Avery and I traveled up to Nashville for a couple of days this past week. She got to spend time with Gigi and Skip (my parents), Mimi and Roro (my grandparents), Mema (my grandmother), Josh, Jenn, Isabel, and Will, and Houston and Kelsie. She had so much attention--she loved every minute of it! We did lots of shopping and good eating. Avery was so good while we were up there....on Saturday she didn't even cry...at all, all day long!! Here are some pictures of her while in Nashville (the "important" moments were not captured on camera, of course, because I was too caught up in catching up with everyone that I forgot to get it out!).

She is quite the little sleeper. As long as she has her lovey to cover her face, she's set.

If she doesn't have her lovey nearby, she will use her hands to cover her face. She's figured out that those work just as well.

Give the girl her paci and lovey, and she is the best little traveler around. She has figured out that if she looks up and over she can see out the window now. It's fun to watch her with her eyes opened wide as she takes in the world around her.
Jenn gave us a sweet little outfit that I absolutely love! Here is Avery in the top part (we had an in-car explosion that resulted in new bottoms). The bottoms are pink seer sucker capri pants with a ruffle around the bottom. So cute!
A hat came with the outfit. Here is Avery sporting the hat. She didn't mind it at all....that was a shocker!