Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27 Weeks

Avery is 27 weeks old this week. She is growing up so fast! She has some new toys (see the post before this one), and she actually KNOWS what to do with them....instead of just chance that she hits the correct button. The new toy came with a microphone, and she loves it. Here she is holding it.
And here she is singing into it.

She has really started wanting to crawl this week. Before she seemed interested, but this week it's like it's her mission. And no, she still can't crawl, but she tries very hard. Here are some pictures of her, in order, trying to crawl.
1. Started sitting at our new toy, and then decided to go over here. Attempting to move with one arm and one leg.
2. Now attempting to move with two arms and two legs
3. Caught in the act
4. Trying to use her new toy to push off.
5. So Mommy moves the new toy so that she can't push off and has to crawl on her own.
6. When arms and legs don't work, try using your mouth. Notice the bottom in the air.
7. So tired from trying and not getting anywhere.
We are working on using different forms of communication. Of course we would like for her to use sounds, but that is not quite possible just yet. We are working on some sign language. Here is the beginnings of a "please." She is catching on quite nicely.