Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Weekend

We had a very eventful weekend. My brother and his girlfriend, Kelsie, were in town and spent the night with us on Friday. Matt, Avery, and I took a family historical road trip on Saturday. Avery was promoted on Sunday. Matt's best friend, Adam, and his wife, Ashley, came in town and spent the night with us on Sunday night. Whew. It was great, though!

Houston, Kelsie, and Avery on game day. Houston and Kelsie attend UT, hence the orange and white.
What is this ugly thing?
This is Avery and Matt at the Edmund Pettus Park in Selma, AL. This bridge is responsible for U2's song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."
And here they are again under the actual bridge. The park, and really the overall experience, was a little underwhelming.
Such a sweet little face.

And sweet little smirk.

So silly sitting in Papa's big chair at church.
Avery had a 6 month-old "party" on Sunday. She received a gift from Nana and Papa, and she really liked it.....

I mean....she LOVED it!